Spike Island

Ciara Phillips Irregular Bulletin No. 53


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Limited edition of 50


Card and paper, 16pp

double-sided prints and posters

45 cm x 32 cm when folded

Irregular Bulletin No. 53 is an artist’s book inspired by the series of the same name that was published by Corita Kent and her students. It was produced in July 2012 during Kent/Phillips' exhibition Pull Everything Out, when artist Ciara Phillips set up a working studio in the gallery, collaborating with other artists and designers including Poster Club, Melissa Gordon, Fraser Muggeridge and Jono Lewarne. 

The edition consists of 4 large (almost A2) double sided, hand printed pages folded in half to produce a loose leaf book of 16 pages. The outer cover is card and inner pages are paper.

Read more about Phillips’ workshop and see pictures.