Spike Island

Night of the Fellows


Wednesday 4 October 2017, 6–7.30pm


Free, booking advised

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Each year Spike Island offers fellowships to promising graduates. We look forward to welcoming new Graduate Fellows for 2017–2018: joining us for a year are Tom Sturgess and Harriet Foster from UWE and Chelsea Toms from Bath Spa University, while Robert Ive from Falmouth University undertakes a three month residency.

This event sees them introduce themselves alongside outgoing fellows Jamie Daniels, Robert Davis, Amy Gough, Benjamin Jones and Alfie Kungu who recall their experiences and discuss plans for the future.

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Rob Davis

Rob Davis describes his work as “scour[ing] the terrain vague of towns and cities in search of nowhere spaces and the objects that inhabit them. From these sites I make studies and take items that are either directly included in my work or are referenced through the appropriation of shapes, colours and forms. I am often drawn to defunct sites and have an interest in all manner of places from WWII Pill Boxes, Stone Circles and neglected alleyways. There are no set co-ordinates in terms of the medium I use; however I would define my practice as having its roots in expanded painting.”

Harriet Foster

Harriet Foster graduated from Fine Art BA at University of the West of England (UWE) in 2017.. Foster says of her work that 'the world around me is a constant source of inspiration…the colours and shapes that I see and the juxtaposition of various materials together and how these interact with each other alongside the effect of light upon them, creating shadows and depth. From this my abstract paintings often cross over into sculpture combining 2D with 3D elements onto and out from the canvas. Found objects from the streets around me can be a starting point along with other materials such as plaster, metals, woods, wax, papers and cotton.'

Amy Gough

Consisting primarily of video, Amy Gough’s work delves into the everyday mythologies and fantasies provoked by our interactions with online material. She aims to observe the medium of video and second-hand encounters via documentation alone, which involves gathering material from an array of sources and selectively reproducing and distorting this through filming. Amy Gough graduated from Fine Art and Visual Culture BA at UWE in 2016.

Robert Ive

Robert Ive graduated from Fine Art BA at Falmouth University in 2017. He describes himself as 'an artist working in a range of mediums, exploring how conflicting contemporary ideologies shape our environment and imagination. I have been creating science fiction narratives in the form of films, images, and texts that look into themes of Utopia, ecology and emerging technologies. I am interested in how forms of amateur production generate new visions for the future.'

Benjamin Jones

Benjamin Jones (b.1994) graduated from Bath School of Art and Design in 2016. His practice relates domestic and landscape based histories to the everyday experience of time across photographic and drawing based works. 


Tom Sturgess

Tom Sturgess graduated from Fine Art BA at University of the West of England (UWE) in 2017. He is fascinated with minimal mark making, restrained actions pursued on a large scale, examining the tools he uses and rebuilding them from scratch.  He is shaping his own language, calligraphic signs and symbols and sometimes he works with others, dancers, actors, musicians to give voice to this writing. This fascination began when he was a teenager scrawling on walls. His roots as a 'Graffiti Writer' can still be discerned in the scale of his work and his right to left mark making. It also fostered a profound curiosity in other painting/writing practices, particularly Asian calligraphy. 

Chelsea Toms

Chelsea Toms graduated from Fine Art BA at Bath Spa University in 2017. She describes her work as 'trying to capture a visual and physical interruption of a poignant experience, made evident with a human presence [and] documenting the disappearance of time. A relationship is made with charcoal which allows the body to expresses gestures by removing, erasing, layering, and blending thus creating a trace...'

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