Spike Island

Events and exhibitions


Andrew Mania (2018) Collage featuring Carl Van Vechten 1940s portraits of Marlon Brando and Sidney Lumet

Andrew ManiaSnapshot of a Collection

5 May to 8 July 2018

Alex Cecchetti, <i>At the Gates of the Music Palace </i>(2018)

Exhibition: Alex Cecchetti At the Gates of the Music Palace

5 May to 8 July 2018

Zoë Paul <i>Land of the Lotus Eaters </i>(2018) Clay, porcelain, steel, brass, lead, silver

Exhibition: Zoë PaulLa Perma-Perla Kraal Emporium

5 May to 8 July 2018


Test SpaceSkulptur Parc

5 to 20 May 2018, 12–5pm

Next week

Courtesy Andrew Mania

Exhibition Tour: Andrew ManiaLed by Annabel Other

Wednesday 23 May 2018, 6–7pm

Novel WritersJennifer Nansubuga Makumbi Kintu

Thursday 24 May 2018, 6.30–8pm

Baby Art HourFor babies and toddlers up to 5 years old

Friday 25 May 2018, 10–11am

Courtesy Ore and Ingot

Bronze Casting Workshop with Ore and Ingot

26 to 28 May 2018, 10am–5pm

More forthcoming events

Courtesy Kamina Walton

Behind the Scenes Studio VisitsKamina Walton

Saturday 2 June 2018, 2–3pm

Lisa Scantlebury <i>Jugpack</i> (2017)

The Unobtainable Chamber WorkshopWith artists Lisa Scantlebury and Lou Gilbert Scott

Saturday 9 June 2018, 2–5pm

Courtesy The Breeder, Athens

Table Conversations with Zoë Paul

Saturday 16 June 2018, 2–3.30pm

Alice Rawsthorn, photograph by Michael Leckie

Book Launch and Conversation: Alice Rawsthorn Design as Attitude

Tuesday 19 June 2018, 7–8pm

Baby Art HourFor babies and toddlers up to 5 years old

Friday 22 June 2018, 10–11am

Éilis Kirby, collage (2018)

Behind the Scenes Studio VisitsÉilis Kirby

Saturday 23 June 2018, 2–3pm

Polly Kelsall, <i>Building an Ecosystem from Scratch </i>(detail) (2018)

Test SpacePolly KelsallBuilding an Ecosystem from Scratch

23 June to 8 July 2018, 12–5pm

Novel WritersSophie Mackintosh The Water Cure

Thursday 28 June 2018, 6.30–8pm

Exhibition Tour: Alex Cecchetti Led by Vanessa Boni, curator

Saturday 30 June 2018, 2–3pm

Courtesy Laura Phillips and Esme Betamax

I Am Making ArtMake Some Noise Together

Saturday 7 July 2018, 2–5pm

Courtesy Harriet Bowman

Exhibition: Harriet Bowman All Round-er (sad sale)

21 July to 16 September 2018

Nina Beier <i>Beast</i> (2018) Mechanical bull, plastic tanks, powdered milk

Exhibition: Nina Beier

21 July to 16 September 2018