Spike Island

Exhibition: Alex Cecchetti At the Gates of the Music Palace

5 May to 8 July 2018

Free entry

Alex Cecchetti is an artist, poet and choreographer. Over the last decade, he has developed a unique practice which he characterises as the art of avoidance, where representation and concealment go hand in hand with the tactical and the poetic, the visual and the material. His works often begin with a poem which is transformed into an object, a performance or a situation, focusing on how the construction of a narrative can be experienced both physically and emotionally. This emphasis in positioning the visitor’s experience as central to the work has led Cecchetti to introduce resources such as rhetoric, storytelling, music or dance, to establish a non-mediated relationship with the work, transforming the figure of the spectator into a visionary participant.

Cecchetti’s exhibition at Spike Island, At the Gates of the Music Palace, brings together performance, drawing, painting, sculpture and sound installation, turning the gallery into an immersive concert in which visitors are invited to contribute to the musical score as they make their way through an unexpected sensory pathway.

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Alex Cecchetti’s Singing Chandelier is produced with the generous support of Nicoletta Fiorucci, Founder of the Fiorucci Art Trust. Singing Line is produced with the generous support of Traudi Messini.

Performances within the exhibition:

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